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Did you know we just updated our website—including our store? It is so much better, and we’re excited about it!

Remodeling ANYTHING is not without its challenges, and one of ours is that the new store does not carry over any of the awesome reviews we had from all our loyal customers like you.

To fix that, we are asking YOU to head over here IMPaX WORLD STORE and write reviews for all your favorite IMPaX products. We are so grateful you would take the time to do this, that we are offering you a $10 credit on your account as our way of saying thanks when you do!

So come one—tell the world what you think and earn credit toward the products you love!

Here is a review someone recently submitted. 

EnerPrime helped me regain my health

In 1994 after several months of being ill, it was determined I had lead poisoning. At the time, I owned and operated a Stained Glass studio. Several years of breathing in fumes and handling lead was the reason for becoming ill. I visited a Naturopath at the time and he gave me a treatment plan. It included drinking a green drink daily (nasty taste & hard to get down) along with several different supplements, which totaled 60 per day! I had some results, but still most of my symptoms persisted affecting my daily life. Then, during a conversation with a close friend, she recommended I try EnerPrime. Within 2 weeks my energy was back! After just 60 days all the symptoms were gone. I have continued to use EnerPrime and it will always be a part of my daily regime. I’m convinced my good health (in my mid 60’s) can be credited to this amazing product. I highly recommend it for all age groups!


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