Are You Still Drinking Microplastics?

Are you still drinking microplastics?

More and more research is coming out about the volume of microplastics in our drinking water and the harm they can do. Below is a link to an article and video from KCRA3 News that goes into greater detail, but the bottom line is that these tiny little things in your drinking water can create big damage to your cells!

Ion Thrive has the best filtration available. In addition to the benefits of drinking Alkaline or Hydrogen Water, 3 filters with comprehensive filtration ensure that the water you put into your body is pure, clean, and free of microplastics, contaminates, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, and all other sorts of nasty things you don’t want!

Go ahead and read the article … then give us a call to learn more about Ion Thrive 916-939-9800, or click here to purchase your Ion Thrive Water Machine!

Link to Article:

UC Davis direct study:

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